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Kosa® Hochfest Products


Trevira® Hochfest used to be a registered trademark of Höchst AG.

Due to the sale of Trevira to KoSa, the registered trademark was renamed to KoSa® Hochfest.

The chemical composition and the manufacture of the filament types used fully correspond to the former Hoechst standards.

The material used is a polyethylene terephthalate. The molecular structure of its single filaments is aligned by thermal fixation, resulting in increased stress resistance, especially under tensional and torsional loads.

Polyethylene terephtalate has been used as implant material for approximately 40 years, mainly in artificial vessel replacements. The KoSa® Hochfest ligaments were developed by Hochst AG in collaboration with the former director of the BG Accident Hospital of Frankfurt, Prof. Dr. Contzen, and have been implanted since 1980.



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