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Human Femoral Head


Allografts are in common use both for orthopedic and traumatologic treatment of bone defects.
With more than 15 years of experience, the Marburg Bone Bank System has become a well-established standard in Germany, providing for safe thermal disinfection of femoral heads.
More than 170,000 implantations worldwide are proof of the safety and quality of the system.
Finally human femoral heads, processed by the Marburg thermal disinfection system, are offered as a medicinal product.




  • Exclusive use of femoral heads from living donors from Germany.
  • Thermal disinfection and cryoconservation of these human femoral heads, carried out by the Charité Hospital using the validated Marburg Bone Bank System.
  • Approved medicinal product with marketing authorization (PEI.H03410.01.1), granted by the Paul Ehrlich Institute on 12th July, 2007.
  • High biological signifi cance of the allograft.
  • The human femoral head is a highly suitable allograft used for filling bone defects and in spinal fusions.


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